Hey All,

Thanks so much for being here!  It really means a lot. I’m Lindsey 🙂

You may be wondering who I am and why I started Twin Mom Blog Nerd?

Let me share a crazy story with you…

My Story

I’ve been with my love, Dave, for a while now.  We have our sweet sassy boy, Cody, who is the big n’ proud older bro, to his identical twin sisters, Lua and Lily.

We have one Rottie named King who is about 125 pounds.  He is the biggest baby who thinks he’s 10 pounds.

Speaking of our twinkies, Lua and Lily, they are one of my inspirations for starting Twin Mom Blog Nerd.


At 18 weeks pregnant…

Our ultrasound technician broke the news to us by saying, “You know you’re having twins right?”


Up until this point, Dave and I knew we were having one baby girl (as our 7-week ultrasound only showed one babe).

The word ‘shocked’ doesn’t even describe how we felt…for half my pregnancy we thought we were having one baby!


After hearing the word ‘twins’ all sorts of feelings hit us.

Totally elated, petrified, OMG OMG, blessed, can we even do this?

Then, Dr. Gee came in to share some MORE shocking news with us…that we are having identical twin girls…specifically, Monoamniotic-Monochorionic (MoMo or Mono Mono) Twins.  This is when twins share one placenta in the same amniotic sac, each with their own umbilical cord (no membrane separates the two). 

It’s like a free for all in your belly, but with the added risk of cord entanglement or one twin taking more nutrients from the other.

That day, our lives changed forever.

Dr. Gee said this was a rare high-risk pregnancy.  We were informed the doctors see MAYBE one to two Mono Mono pregnancies a year (while delivering over 15,000 babies per year).

Plus, I would be going inpatient starting at 24 weeks for constant monitoring until the girls are born (which we were fully on board to increase our chances of the girls being safe).

Ahh, is this for reals? Lol.

So now that I’m a ‘Twin Mom’…


‘Twin Mom’

As we navigate our twinhood journey, I hope to help other mamas and twin parents know what to expect.

From tips to self-care and everything in between, I’m here to share with you our experience to help you live your best busy parent life!

Speaking of living your best life…do you ever nerd out on something that changes your life?

‘Blog Nerd’

That’s what happened to me…

In early 2020 I created my first blog called Intensive Therapy for Kids which slowly grew over time.

I had no clue what I was doing when I started so I dived into training videos, articles, and anything I could get my hands on to learn blogging and SEO (search engine optimization).

I was obsessed, hooked, and quickly became a super ‘blog nerd’ at heart.

Hence the name, Twin Mom Blog Nerd. 😉

Today, blogging has changed my life and my family with more income, time, and more importantly, being able to help others do the same!

With that said, I have a serious passion for helping busy parents create a side hustle blogging to gain whatever is they want in life (whether that be more time, money, or to make their stamp in the world with their unique passions).

Here you will find the information you need on how to start a blog to make it successful if that speaks to you.

Until the next post, I’m sending you all the positive parent vibes!