3 Best Baby Feeding Spoons To Transition To Self-Feeding

As a parent of twin girls, I get the struggles that come with feeding your little ones. Whether it’s helping them learn to feed themselves, dealing with their reluctance to eat, or introducing solid foods, I’ve been through it all. Along the way, their feeding therapist used three fantastic baby feeding spoons that made a real difference.

These spoons didn’t just help Lily Mae, one of my little ones, move from being fed to feeding herself. Her sis is still getting used to eating because of some oral aversion challenges. These spoons also turned out to be useful in nurturing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

In this blog post, I’ll talk about my experience and tell you about the three best baby feeding spoons that made a big difference for my girls. Additionally, I’ll give you tips on when to switch from one spoon to another. 🥄😋

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3 Essential Spoons To Transition To Self Feeding

Let’s dive into the story of three spoons that became the starting point for introducing my baby twins to the exciting world of eating.

  1. E-Z Spoon
  2. Take and Toss Spoons
  3. EZPZ Spoon

I’ll guide you through the progression of these spoons and share tips on when it’s the right time to switch from one to the next.

A group of people sitting at a table with their mouths open, using baby feeding spoons.

Baby Spoon #1: E-Z Spoon

The E-Z Spoon, our first baby spoon, played a crucial role during my twins’ feeding therapy journey.

With its flat design, we could turn the spoon to encourage chewing and enhance mouth muscle development. This spoon became a milestone in their eating progress, introducing them to purees and level 1 foods with ease.

As a helpful tip, when your little ones start demonstrating efficient eating and swallowing during their puree adventures, it’s an opportune time to transition to the Take and Toss Spoons.

These affordable and practical spoons offer the next step in their self-feeding journey, providing a smooth transition from therapy to independent eating.

Baby Spoon #2: Take and Toss Spoons

The Take and Toss Spoon was the go-to choice as my twins progressed in their eating journey. This spoon was recommended for its smaller size, fitting perfectly into little mouths without the need for turning.

Once my girls showcased efficient eating and swallowing, we made the transition to the Take and Toss.

This practical and budget-friendly utensil transformed feeding into an enjoyable experience, boosting my girls’ confidence while eating purees AND baby-led weaning foods like bananas, sweet potatoes, crackers, avocados, etc.

With its simple design, it proved to be a reliable tool for encouraging independent eating skills. As one of my girls began attempting to hold the spoon herself, signaling the next step in her self-feeding journey, it was time to switch to the EZPZ spoon.

The reason is that the long handle of the Take and Toss spoon is challenging for little fingers to grasp, making the EZPZ spoon a better choice to practice self-feeding.

It’s fascinating how each spoon plays a unique role in a little one’s feeding journey!

Baby Spoon #3. EZPZ Spoon

The EZPZ Spoon marked the final step in my twins’ self-feeding journey.

I transitioned to this spoon when Lily Mae showed an interest in holding the utensil herself.

The EZPZ Spoon features an innovative design with a silicone handle, making it easy for little hands to grasp confidently. Its shorter handle proved perfect for my little one’s attempts at self-feeding, providing just the right amount of control.

Switching to the EZPZ Spoon was a natural move as it empowered my child to take charge during mealtimes, emphasizing the importance of a spoon that aligns with a little one’s growing independence.

How To Select The Perfect Self-Feeding Spoon for Your Baby

Choosing the right self-feeding spoon for your baby becomes crucial once you notice they’re ready to take on this exciting milestone. Now, let’s explore what makes a spoon ideal for your little one:

  • Tiny Hands: Consider the size that fits comfortably in little hands.
  • Material Matters: Look for spoons made from baby-friendly materials like food-grade silicone.
  • Perfect Size: Opt for a spoon that’s just the right size for your baby’s mouth.
  • Handle Length: Choose a spoon with a comfortable and appropriate handle length for their grip.
  • Soft Edge: Look for spoons with a soft edge, providing a gentle touch to your baby’s delicate gums and ensuring a comfortable feeding experience.
  • Soft Tip: A soft tip is essential for introducing your baby to solid foods, offering a safe and gentle transition from liquids.
  • BPA Free Plastic: Avoid harmful materials by choosing spoons made from BPA-free plastic, ensuring a safe and healthy feeding experience for your little one.

Baby feeding spoons crafted with these considerations in mind make the entire process smoother and more enjoyable for your little one but also you! 😉

Again, I highly recommend the EZPZ silicone spoon, the same one my daughter used during feeding therapy. Its shorter handle is the perfect length for a baby to hold and grasp with confidence to explore the world of self-feeding. Plus, it checks all the essential boxes I highlighted earlier.

But wait, there are other excellent first stage silicone spoons to consider, so let’s explore that next!

5 Other Top Notch First-Stage Spoons To Consider

Transitioning from traditional to first-stage spoons introduces exciting options tailored to your baby’s needs. Explore these 5 alternatives for a positive self-feeding experience. 🙌

Olababy Training Spoon

  • Ergonomic Design: Olababy excels in crafting spoons with a thoughtful design, ensuring comfort during feeding sessions.
  • Bendable Design: The bendable design adds flexibility, adapting to your baby’s movements and making mealtime more interactive.

NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils

  • Innovative Design: NumNum offers a unique flat design, perfect for babies in the early stages of self-feeding.
  • Easy Grip: With an ergonomic handle, these GOOtensils make it easy to navigate mealtime.

Avanchy Baby Feeding Spoons

  • Organic Bamboo Handles: Avanchy’s spoons feature ergonomic bamboo handles, providing a comfortable grip for you and your baby.
  • Silicone Tips: The silicone tips ensure a soft and gentle touch on your little one’s delicate gums.

Upgrade your feeding setup by combining these spoons with adorable Avanchy dishes, creating a comprehensive and baby-friendly dining experience. I ADORE these dishes, especially the three sections that make it easy to offer different options like soft foods or thicker foods. Bonus: you can easily sanitize them by tossing them on the top rack of the dishwasher! 😆

Bella Tunno First Feeding Spoons

  • Modern Design: Bella Tunno’s spoons boast a modern design with comfortable handles for easy grasping.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from durable materials, these spoons are built to withstand the early stages of self-feeding.

Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons

  • Heat-Sensing Technology: Munchkin’s spoons come with a heat-sensing feature, changing color to indicate when food is too hot to eat.
  • Soft Tips: The soft tips make these spoons gentle on gums, promoting a positive feeding experience.

These first-stage spoons offer various designs and features to make the early self-feeding journey a smooth one.

Helpful Tip💡How To Use The E-Z Spoon (Video) 📹

Here’s a short clip on how to use the E-Z spoon to strengthen your baby’s oral motor skills. This is the FIRST spoon to use when your little one starts purees which helps them learn how to eat; chew and swallow.

To Wrap It Up

Finding the perfect baby feeding spoon involves considering factors like ergonomic design, soft edges, and appropriate sizes for tiny hands and delicate gums. 👶

Transitioning through stages, from therapeutic feeding with the E-Z Spoon to independent self-feeding with the EZPZ Spoon, showcases the crucial role each utensil plays.

Additionally, exploring alternative first-stage spoons, including the Olababy Training Spoon, NumNum Pre-Spoon GOOtensils, Avanchy Baby Feeding Spoons, Bella Tunno First Feeding Spoons, and Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons, offers diverse choices for parents seeking the ideal feeding tools.

Whether it’s for your little one or as a perfect gift, these spoons ensure a positive and enjoyable feeding experience tailored to the unique needs of both younger babies and older babies.

I wish you the best with your little one(s) feeding journey! 👏🥰

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