5 Must-Have Items For Before and After Postpartum

During pregnancy, the body goes through many changes for better or worse which is why taking care of ourselves and feeling good is so important. Whether you are a mama-to-be or a current mama, here are five must-have items to use before and after postpartum.

The items I share throughout this post I personally used and found to be super helpful. I am not endorsed by any of the brands I talk about. This is my experience to hopefully help you along your before and after postpartum journey!

Earth Mama Belly Butter

When you’re pregnant, stretch marks are one of the least sexy things to look at. Am I right or am I right? It’s like a blue nasty road map that spiders across your skin. No thank you!

To help ease those daunting stretch marks from appearing…

Belly butter is a go-to for many mamas.

I used the Earth Mama Belly Butter early on in my first pregnancy to prevent stretch marks and it worked. It was a great lotion to use even after pregnancy because it moisturized my skin without it feeling oily. Plus, it smelled good too!

If you need a belly cream that is free of bad stuff like petroleum, parabens, and artificial fragrances that are safe for yourself and your babe, I would definitely get Earth Mama.

Earth Mama Organic Nipple Butter

This was a lifesaver for my boobs!

I received this nipple butter as a gift and it was one of the BEST things to happen to me while breast-pumping.

After my second pregnancy, my twin girls were born 27 weeks premature.

Breast-pumping became my new job. I was pumping milk every 2 to 3 hours, 8 times a day like a cow. Even though I was super stoked to provide my milk to my girls, my boobs went through A LOT.

Chapped nipples, engorgement…you name it, I experienced it.

The one thing that truly helped my chapped nipples was using this nipple butter on my boobs when I pumped. When I stopped, my nipples became chapped. So this doesn’t happen to you, I advise to butter up those boobies before and after breastfeeding or pumping.

More importantly, it’s safe for your sweet pea.

Maternity Belly Leggings

No doubt about it, maternity belly leggings are the ultimate clothing to rock your pregnancy curves.

I lived in leggings during both of my pregnancies before and after.

They are designed to hug your growing baby bump (or after-birth bump) in all the right ways while providing the ultimate comfort and support. The fabric is stretchy and breathable. Plus, you may dress them up or down, so they’re perfect for most occasions.

Especially after my second pregnancy C-section, maternity leggings were the go-to clothing I wore daily. The belly band provided much-needed support to my stomach while I was healing! Plus, it helped to suck in my belly pooch.

If you want to feel stylish and comfy all day long, I highly recommend wearing maternity leggings.

Pregnancy Body Pillow

If a good night’s rest is important to you, a pregnancy body pillow is a must!

If you have ever slept with a pillow between your legs, you know what I’m talking about.

This body pillow is designed to support a pregnant mama’s back, neck, and stomach. These pillows are usually long and cylindrical and can be wrapped around your body to stabilize your sleeping position to provide maximum comfort.

I used this pillow before and after pregnancy. To this day, I still use it!


I know this one seems self-explanatory, but taking prenatal and postnatal vitamins on a daily basis is super important for both you and your little one.

Postnatal Vitamin

I took the Pink Stork Total Postnatal Gummies after my second pregnancy. There are many postnatal vitamins you can choose from, but I picked this particular one for a few reasons:

  • Budget-friendly
  • Gummy candy is yummy! (If you’re not a fan of gummy candy, no worries, here is the Pink Stork Total Postnatal Vitamin)
  • Safe for you and your babe
  • Supports energy levels and mood for postpartum health
  • Helps your milk supply if breastfeeding or pumping

Speaking of breast pumping

My milk supply increased daily while I was pumping and taking these vitamins. I kept track of how much milk I produced for my girls who were in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit). For the first couple of months, my milk supply went up by 5 to 15 milliliters per day. Coincidence? Maybe or maybe not.

Plus, it includes postpartum essentials like vitamins A, C, D, E, and K, as well as folic acid and iron.

These vitamins can help fill any gaps in your diet to give you peace of mind knowing you’re doing everything you can to support your health and the health of your little one.

Prenatal Vitamin

The Pink Stork Prenatal Vitamin was also another go-to vitamin during pregnancy. Again, there are many wonderful prenatal nutrition brands out there.

I was partial to this vitamin because of the organic whole food nutrients included for my developing babe, morning sickness, nausea, and gut health. I was super nauseous while pregnant with my twin girls but never vomited. Maybe this vitamin helped with that?

Also, if clean ingredients are important to you, this vitamin is free of gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, and GMOs.

To Wrap It Up…

Let’s quickly recap my suggested list of before and after postpartum must-haves:

Earth Mama belly butter for stretch marks.

Earth Mama nipple butter to save your boobies!

Maternity belly leggings to rock your pregnancy curves OR to support a postpartum c-section/belly pooch.

Prenatal pregnancy vitamins for all the super important stuff you and your developing babe need during pregnancy.

Postnatal vitamins to support postpartum depression and provide you with the essentials you need for your milk supply, body, and babe.

And that does it!

I hope at least one thing on this list helps you along your before and after postpartum journey.

More importantly, keep up the amazing work mama! It’s one of the most rewarding and challenging things you’ll ever do in your life. Just know, you got this. 🙂

Until the next post, I’m sending you all the positive parent vibes!



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