85 Top-Notch Christmas Gifts for Babies Under 1 Year

With Christmas around the corner, you’re either all in for the holiday cheer or thinking, “Maybe not this year!” If you’re currently on the hunt for the perfect Christmas gifts for babies under 1, you’ve landed in the right spot. 😄

The first Christmas is a BIG deal, and picking the right gift involves thinking about what’s BOTH fun and good for their development. I get it; I’m right there celebrating the first Christmas with my 1-year-old twins!

So, to make your gift-search easier, I’ve put together a list of 85 top-notch ideas that cater to different interests and stages of your little one’s growth. Whether you’re aiming to boost those fine motor skills or create lasting memories, these ideas are bound to bring smiles, both to you and your little one (OR little ones). Without further ado, here are some fantastic Christmas gift ideas to consider for your precious one.

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85 Christmas Gifts For Babies Under 1 Year

1. Lovevery Play Gym

A developmental gem designed to stimulate your baby’s senses.

2. Activity Mat

Perfect for tummy time, promoting motor skills and visual engagement.

3. Interactive Books

Delightful stories with textures, different sounds, and bright images for early cognitive development.

4. Sensory Play Cubes

Engaging activities that encourage exploration and curiosity.

5. Montessori Toys

Thoughtfully crafted to foster independent play and cognitive skills.

6. Activity Gym

Enhance hand-eye coordination through hanging toys and gentle music.

7. Stuffed Animals

Soft and cuddly companions for comfort and security.

8. Play Mat

Colorful and padded for safe exploration during playtime.

9. High-Quality Plush Toy

A touch of luxury for sensory enjoyment.

10. Christmas-Themed Board Book

Introduce the holiday spirit with festive stories for little minds.

11. Baby Einstein Toy

A great way to combine fun and education with toys designed by experts.

The perfect gift idea for new parents.

12. Activity Table

Interactive surfaces for learning through play.

13. Soft Toy with Different Textures

Promote sensory awareness and tactile exploration.

14. Developmental Sensory Board

Engage your baby’s senses with various textures and materials.

15. Adorable High Chair

Make mealtime an enjoyable bonding experience.

16. Baby Memory Book

Capture and cherish the precious moments of your baby’s first year.

17. Soft Building Blocks

Safe and squishy blocks for tactile exploration and basic motor skills.

18. Musical Mobile

Hang a delightful mobile above the crib with gentle tunes to soothe and entertain.

19. Water Play Mat

Combine tummy time with a splash of sensory exploration for added fun.

20. Teething Toys Set

Offer relief and entertainment with safe and textured teething toys.

21. Light-Up Baby Drum

Introduce rhythm and lights for an interactive musical experience.

22. Mirror Play Mat

Encourage self-discovery and visual engagement with a baby-safe mirror.

23. Peek-a-Boo Blanket

Interactive blankets with hidden surprises for silly giggles.

A great gift for newborn babies.

24. Soft Baby Shoes

Keep those little feet warm and stylish with adorable, soft shoes.

25. Baby-safe Utensils Set

Start the journey to self-feeding with specially designed utensils.

26. Hanging Growth Chart

Decorate and track your baby’s growth with a colorful growth chart to hang on the wall.

27. Nesting Toys

Teach size relationships and hand-eye coordination with nesting toys.

28. Glow-in-the-Dark Stars

Create a serene bedtime environment with gentle glowing stars.

29. Bath Crayons

Make bath time artistic and enjoyable with washable crayons.

30. Baby-safe Finger Paints

Encourage fine motor skills in a mess-free and safe way.

31. Soft Fabric Baby Book

Explore textures and introduce basic concepts with a fabric book.

32. Sensory Scarves

Soft scarves with bright colors for sensory play and exploration.

33. Soft Baby Towels with Hood

Wrap your baby in cozy comfort after bath time with an adorable hooded towel.

34. Crib Rail Cover with Tags

Protect the crib and provide tactile stimulation with tag-covered covers.

35. Baby-safe Mirror Blocks

Combine the joy of building with the fascination of self-discovery.

36. Gentle Lullaby Projector

Create a calming bedtime routine with soothing projections and melodies.

37. BPA-Free Silicone Teething Necklace

Stylish for mom, soothing for baby’s gums.

38. Baby-safe Photo Album

Personalized with family pictures for visual stimulation.

39. Soft Fabric Blocks with Numbers

Introduce numbers and encourage stacking play.

40. Baby Foot and Handprint Kit

Create a lasting memory with a DIY keepsake.

41. Chunky Wooden Puzzle

Perfect for little hands learning to grasp and fit shapes.

42. Soft Rattle Socks

Keep tiny toes warm while providing auditory stimulation.

43. Crinkly Cloth Books

A fun way to engage your baby with the satisfying sound of crinkly pages.

44. Colorful Sippy Cups

Transition into independent drinking with vibrant, spill-proof cups.

45. Pull-String Musical Toy

Develop motor skills and create a musical playtime experience.

46. Non-Toxic and Mold-Free Bath Toys

Make bath time safe and enjoyable with cute animal bath toys.

47. Baby-Safe Feeding Spoons

Soft-tipped spoons for introducing solids and self-feeding.

These spoons are therapist-recommended! My twins use them for feeding therapy. 🥄

48. Soft Baby Doll

A cuddly companion for imaginative play and comfort.

49. Stroller Toy Arch

Attachable arch with dangling toys for on-the-go entertainment.

50. Baby-safe Bubble Machine

Create a bubble-filled wonderland for endless giggles.

51. Soft, Taggie Security Blanket

Comforting textures and tags for soothing bedtime routines.

52. Cotton Muslin Swaddle Blankets

Versatile and breathable blankets for various uses.

53. Wrist and Ankle Rattles

Encourage movement and coordination with wearable rattles.

54. Travel-friendly Baby Changing Mat

Stylish and convenient for on-the-go diaper changes.

55. Baby-safe Toothbrush Set

Start dental care early with age-appropriate toothbrushes.

56. Soft Silicone Bibs

Keep mealtime mess-free with easy-to-clean, silicone bibs.

57. Foldable Baby Playpen

Create a safe play area for exploration and discovery.

58. Colorful Sensory Balls

Textured balls for tactile stimulation and rolling play.

59. Infant Car Seat Toy Bar

Attachable toys for entertainment during car rides.

60. Soft Baby Mittens

Keep little hands warm while preventing scratching.

61. Baby-safe Dish Set

Adorable dishes designed for small hands and safe feeding.

62. Knit Baby Blanket

Handcrafted warmth for cozy snuggles.

63. Non-Toxic Bath Color Drops

Transform bath time into a vibrant, washable masterpiece.

64. Soft Baby Beanie

Keep your little one stylish and warm during winter.

65. Baby-safe Wooden Drum

Introduce rhythm and motor skills with a wooden drum.

66. Plush Animal Backpack

A cute and practical accessory for outings with your baby.

67. Soft Baby Carrier

Keep your baby close while having hands-free convenience.

68. Interactive Play Cube

A multi-functional cube for endless play possibilities.

69. Wooden Stacking Rings

Develop fine motor skills and spatial awareness through stacking.

70. Baby-safe Silicone Placemat

Make mealtime clean and colorful with a non-slip placemat.

71. Soft Baby Pajamas with Cute Designs

Ensure comfort and style during bedtime.

72. Lightweight Baby Bouncer

Provide soothing vibrations and gentle bouncing for relaxation.

73. Soft Cloth Baby Shoes with Velcro Straps

Adorable and easy-to-wear shoes for little feet.

74. Tummy Time Water Mat

Combine tummy time with the fascination of floating sea creatures.

75. Interactive Soft Blocks with Sounds

Squeeze and play blocks with various sounds for sensory delight.

76. Colorful Stacking Cups

Promote hand-eye coordination and creative play with stackable cups.

77. Soft Bathrobe with Animal Hood

Keep your baby warm and cozy after bath time in style.

78. Baby-safe Smartphone Holder for Stroller

Securely attach your smartphone for on-the-go entertainment.

79. Lightweight Baby Sunglasses

Protect your baby’s eyes in style during sunny outdoor adventures.

80. Soft Silicone Teething Mittens

Provide relief during teething with cute and chewable mittens.

81. Portable Baby Swing

Create a soothing and entertaining space wherever you go.

82. Baby-safe Musical Shaker Eggs

Introduce rhythm and sound exploration with colorful shaker eggs.

83. Colorful Cloth Diapers Set

Combine functionality with style in a set of vibrant cloth diapers.

84. Plush Elephant Nightlight

A cuddly companion that doubles as a comforting nightlight.

85. Baby Slippers

Keep your little one’s toes warm and snug.

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To Wrap It Up

Whether it’s the first Christmas or a continuation of family traditions, these carefully selected gifts are bound to create special memories. I hope this guide has made your holiday shopping a breeze AND that these Christmas gifts bring endless smiles to your baby’s face.

Cheers to making amazing memories with your growing family! I hope this holiday season is a truly special one with your sweet baby girl(s) or baby boy(s). 🍼🎄

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