5 Amazingly Easy and Safe Infant Activity Ideas To Build Skills

Congrats on becoming a new parent for the first time OR again! Right now you may feel overwhelmed trying to devise ways to keep your infant entertained while knowing they are too young for certain activities. BUT there are fun things you can do to spark your little one’s physical and cognitive development. From playing peek-a-boo to turning tummy time into playtime, here are 5 amazingly easy (and safe!) infant activity ideas to bring out the joy of spending quality time with your love bug.

Bubble Play

Bubble play is an incredibly engaging activity for infants especially when it comes to their development. At this time, you’ll be the sole provider of blowing the bubbles until your kiddo can do it on their own. This makes a fantastic outdoor activity!

Watching my twin girl’s eyes light up as they experience the sheer magic of bursting bubbles floating around them is such a sweet moment.

Not only is this activity hilarious to watch (and fun!), but it also helps to enhance your baby’s motor skills to encourage:

  • Reaching
  • Touching
  • Visual tracking
  • AND eventually crawling!

There is something about those captivating translucent orbs that just suck a baby in! There are countless ways to incorporate bubbles into playtime too when your babe gets a little bigger like creating a bubble-filled sensory bin or using bubble wands with fun shapes.

And infant safety is a MUST so it’s important to invest in bubbles that are non-toxic! Typically those labeled “baby-safe” or “kid-friendly,” as these products will give you peace of mind knowing your little one can fully enjoy bubble play without the scary chemicals.

I recommend these non-toxic bubbles because it’s a great bang for your buck and allows you to make a TON of bubbles.

DIY Container Sounds

These versatile little gems offer your little one countless opportunities to explore and interact.

Start by experimenting with different materials in the containers like rice, beads, shiny coins, or cereal to produce unique and captivating tones.

You most likely have some of these materials on hand! Plus, the containers can be crafted from a wide array of materials available in your household – from plastic bottles to empty egg cartons (just be sure to tape them up so the materials don’t spill out)!

Shake, rattle, and roll the containers to give your baby an opportunity to develop their hearing and motor skills. Once your infant’s development and curiosity grow, you can create an all-in-one musical instrument by connecting the containers together with colorful ribbons to encourage creativity and movement.

These easy-to-create containers not only stimulate infants’ auditory and tactile senses but also offer you an opportunity to make some noise with your little one!

If you need some containers, I recommend these because of the multiple ways to use them as DIY sound containers OR for baby food.

Mirror Time

Mirror time is one of our favorite tummy-time activities!

Using a baby mirror is a GREAT way to inspire your little one to hold up their head. The mirror allows them to look at their purdy sweet face while exploring their surroundings. As your baby gazes at their reflection, it sparks their curiosity and helps them become more aware of their own body.

This friendly interaction with their mirror image encourages the strengthening of the neck and back muscles.

Any baby mirror will do. This is the mirror I use because it’s an all-in-one play toy that includes a baby mirror, a grasping toy, and high-contrast images for brain development.



Peek-a-boo is an ALL-TIME classic infant activity that brings endless smiles! This seemingly simple game engages your babe’s developing mind and cognitive abilities.

The game’s success lies in its simplicity, allowing you to create excitement with just a swift movement. The anticipation that builds as you slowly hide your face, coupled with the surprise of “peek-a-boo!”, teaches your little one about object permanence and social interaction.

This game is a fantastic tool for forming a strong emotional bond, as it encourages laughter and smiling, both of which are essential to building trust and affection with your babe.

The bonding opportunity that peek-a-boo provides also gives your little one a sense of security and comfort. Furthermore, playing this silly game is not only super entertaining but a FUN activity for both of you to enjoy!

Soft Books

My girls LOVE soft books! It inspires them to touch and squish the pages AND gnaw on them too (oh, the glorious teething phase). These tactile books not only capture a little one’s attention through vibrant colors and textures but engage the senses of touch, sight, and sound.

As you gently flip through the pages with your little one, point out different shapes, characters, and objects, or make funny sounds that correspond to the illustrations. Experts say that pointing is a major milestone that babies usually start doing around 7 months old. They usually learn it by watching us…monkey see monkey do!

All around, soft books are a captivating activity to inspire the love of reading and learning for your infant!

There are a TON of soft books out there. These are the ones we use because they are made of BPA-free material AND the fabric is chew-safe. Plus, the books are adorable too!

The Best Time To Play With Your Infant

During the infant phase, it may feel like ALL your little one does eat, sleep, and poo! Am I right or am I right?! So you may be wondering when IS the best time to play with them?

I found that playing with my girls right after a nap was the best time to do it. The reason is, their stomachs are empty so big spit-ups are less likely AND this is when they are wide awake and alert. I had the most success right after nap time. Especially early on, play sessions do not have to be long, maybe a few minutes. Of course, monitor your baby’s hunger cues and feed on demand.

To Wrap It Up

Nurturing your infant’s mind and body early on is one of the BEST ways to deepen their curiosity and bond with you. Especially through one of these five infant activity ideas mentioned, I hope it sparked some different ways for you to connect and bond with your love bug!

These early days may seem long with sleepless nights, but trust me, it goes by FAST. So enjoy these early precious moments. Until the next post, I’m sending you all the positive parenting vibes!

With Gratitude,


What other infant activity ideas do you love or recommend? Let me know in the comments below. Your input means a lot and helps other fellow parents who read this post!


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