43 Easy Infant Thanksgiving Crafts for Babies: Fun Ideas

Welcome to a world of adorable creativity perfect for your little ones! Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to engage in crafting activities with your baby, creating lasting memories and super cute keepsakes. In this comprehensive list, I’ve compiled 43 infant Thanksgiving crafts for babies that are fun and engage fine motor skills AND sensory exploration. Dive into these entertaining and easy ideas to make this Thanksgiving extra special for you and your little turkey. 🧡🦃

Thanksgiving turkey bookmarks on a wooden table, perfect for Infant Thanksgiving Crafts or Babies.

43 Simple and Creative Infant Thanksgiving Crafts For Babies

These creative and easy Thanksgiving crafts are perfect for keeping little hands entertained while fostering a festive spirit. Enjoy!

1. Turkey Handprint Art

Paint your baby’s hand with fall colors, press onto white paper for turkey feathers, and add googly eyes and a beak for extra cuteness.

2. Footprint Turkey Craft

Dip your baby’s foot in non-toxic paint, stamp onto paper for a turkey body, and decorate with googly eyes and colorful feathers.

3. Pumpkin Pie Plate

Cut a paper plate into a pumpkin shape, let your baby “paint” with orange pudding, and sprinkle crushed graham crackers for a pie crust look. If your child has a short attention span, this tasty activity should do the trick!

4. Tissue Paper Collage

Provide fall-colored tissue paper squares, help your baby stick them onto a paper canvas, and create a vibrant autumn collage together.

5. Thankful Tree Finger Painting

Draw a tree trunk on paper, dip your baby’s fingers in paint for leaves, and write what you’re thankful for on each finger.

6. Candy Corn Sensory Bag

Fill a sealed bag with yellow, orange, and white paint, let your baby squish and mix the colors, and tape the bag to a window for a colorful display. This is the perfect way to entice sensory exploration.

7. Coffee Filter Turkey

Color coffee filters with washable markers, attach googly eyes and a construction paper beak, and fan out the filters for turkey feathers. This makes a wonderful fine motor turkey craft!

8. Feathered Indian Corn Craft

Glue colorful feathers onto a paper cob shape, discuss the concept of Indian corn with your baby, and hang it as a festive decoration.

9. Baby’s First Thanksgiving Handprint

Create a handprint turkey with a twist, write your baby’s name and the date for a cherished keepsake for years to come. An easy turkey craft for a lifetime of memories.

10. Paper Plate Craft Of Cute Outfits

Cut a paper plate into a vest shape, tie, or bow, decorate with fabric scraps or colored paper, and let your baby “wear” their own creation! Um can we say, super adorable? 😍

11. Leaf Painting

Collect fall leaves, dip them in red paint or a variety of fall colors, and press onto paper for a vibrant leaf collage. This is a great activity for kids of all ages.

12. Turkey Feather Counting

Attach feathers to numbered turkey cutouts, fostering a fun counting activity for your baby.

13. Sensory Pumpkin Exploration

Fill a pumpkin with various textured materials, letting your baby explore exciting sensory surprises. This is a fun way to engage your sweeties fine motor skills!

14. Corn on the Cob Prints

This is a super fun Thanksgiving craft! Use corn on the cob as a stamp, dipping it in paint to roll unique patterns on paper.

15. Thanksgiving Handprint Wreath

Trace baby’s handprints on colored paper, arranging them in a wreath shape for a festive decoration.

16. Paper Bag Turkey Craft

Decorate a paper bag with feathers, googly eyes, and a beak, then stuff with tissue paper for a cute 3D turkey. Plus, the crinkly sensation of the tissue paper is a won

17. Acorn Stamping

A fun craft the entire family can enjoy! Use the bottom of an acorn as a stamp, dipping it in paint to create patterns on paper.

18. Thanksgiving Sensory Bottles

Fill clear bottles with fall-themed items like corn kernels and small leaves, sealing them for a shaking and exploring activity.

A pile of yellow corn on a white surface, perfect for Infant Thanksgiving Crafts for Babies.

19. Cranberry Paint Exploration

Dip cranberries in paint and roll them on paper for a unique painting experience.

20. Pilgrim Hat Craft

Cut out a hat shape from black construction paper, then decorate with a yellow buckle for a mini pilgrim hat.

21. Turkey Baster Art

Fill turkey basters with paint and squirt colors onto paper, creating a fun and messy masterpiece.

22. Gratitude Jar

Decorate a jar with fall colors, writing down things you’re thankful for on small slips of paper and placing them inside.

23. Fall Leaves Sensory Bag

Collect fall leaves and place them in a sealed bag for your baby to feel and explore the different textures.

24. Paper Plate Pumpkin

Cut a paper plate in half and decorate one side as a pumpkin with paint or colored paper.

25. Turkey Hat Craft

Cut out turkey features and glue them onto a paper headband, creating a festive turkey hat for your little one.

26. Puffy Paint Turkeys

Mix equal parts shaving cream and glue to make puffy paint, using it to create textured turkey artwork.

27. Cotton Ball Sheep Craft

Glue cotton balls onto paper to create fluffy sheep, adding googly eyes and a nose for extra charm.

28. Felt Thanksgiving Puzzles

Cut out fall-themed shapes from felt and let your baby explore and arrange the pieces.

29. Nature Collage

Collect small items from nature, like acorns and leaves, and glue them onto paper for a textured collage. This is a fun fall craft older children can enjoy too!

30. Pumpkin Seed Art

Save pumpkin seeds and glue them onto paper in various patterns, creating unique textured art.

31. Gourd Shakers

Turn small, empty gourds into festive shakers by filling them with dried beans, providing sensory exploration for your baby.

32. Thanksgiving Bib Decorating:

Let your baby get into the Thanksgiving spirit by decorating a plain bib with fabric markers, creating a unique accessory for holiday meals.

33. Squash Painting

Stamp textured prints by dipping the cut side of a small squash in paint and pressing it onto paper, adding a seasonal touch to your baby’s artwork.

34. Turkey Feather Sorting

Foster color recognition and sorting skills by cutting out turkey feather shapes from colored paper and having your baby match and sort them into containers.

35. Apple Stamping

Create apple-shaped prints by cutting an apple in half, dipping it in paint, and pressing it onto paper for a fun and easy art activity.

36. Thankful tree.

Instill gratitude early on by creating a beautiful thankful tree with easy and meaningful turkey crafts, turning crafting into a valuable teaching moment.

37. Paper Plate Turkey.

Explore the classic and timeless paper plate turkey craft, creating a perfect Thanksgiving activity that combines simplicity with festive creativity.

38. Storytime Turkey Finger Puppets

Get inspired by Thanksgiving books (like the ADORABLE Gobble Wobble baby book) and turn Storytime into a crafting adventure! Create a turkey finger puppet with colored paper and googly eyes to go along with your story.

39. Pipe Cleaner Pumpkin Patch

Engage your baby in a simple craft by bending orange pipe cleaners into pumpkin shapes to promote tactile exploration.

Infant Thanksgiving Crafts - Colorful Felt Twigs on a White Background.

40. Brown Paper Turkey Collage

Cut brown paper into turkey shapes and use a glue stick to help your sweet pea attach them to a canvas. This easy craft not only enhances fine motor skills but also creates a cute and festive Thanksgiving decoration.

41. Pom Pom Turkey Fun

Create a playful Thanksgiving craft by attaching colorful pom poms to a turkey outline using glue.

42. Pine Cone Turkey

Transform ordinary pine cones into festive turkeys by adding googly eyes and colorful feathers.

43. Cute Coffee Cup Turkey

Repurpose coffee cups into adorable turkeys by attaching colored feathers and googly eyes.

8 Tips for Memorable Baby-Friendly Crafts

From sensory engagement to developmental benefits, these tips are a great way to infuse creativity into your celebrations, while keeping the spirit of Thanksgiving a memorable one.

1. Keep it EASY.

Engage your baby’s senses with simple and safe crafts tailored for short attention spans, making crafting a fun hands-on experience.

2. Get your family involved.

Foster a sense of togetherness by involving the whole family in creating dinner table decorations for your Thanksgiving dinner, turning it into a cherished and inclusive event.

3. Kick your crafting extravaganza up a notch with googly eyes and construction paper.

Explore the imaginative world of googly eyes and construction paper, captivating your baby’s creativity with crafts that are both entertaining and visually stimulating.

4. Pick crafts to boost fine motor skills.

Enhance your baby’s fine motor development through crafts that provide both entertainment and valuable developmental benefits.

5. Little turkey creations can be made from at-home stuff like coffee filters and toilet paper rolls.

Transform everyday items into adorable turkey crafts, providing your baby with a creative outlet and a sense of accomplishment.

6. Craft with color using tissue paper.

Dive into visually appealing crafts using the versatile medium of tissue paper, to create colorful Thanksgiving masterpieces.

7. Create cherished keepsakes.

Create crafts with materials that can be turned into keepsakes, like handprint turkeys or footprint art, preserving memories of your baby’s first Thanksgiving.

8. Infuse personal touches.

Use photos or incorporate items that hold special meaning to your family, making each creation uniquely yours and adding an extra layer of sentiment to the holiday crafting experience.

To Wrap It Up

This list of Thanksgiving crafts provides an excellent opportunity for quality family time, making Turkey day that more special! Whether you’re preparing for your baby’s first Thanksgiving OR looking for creative ways to involve older siblings, these crafts cater to younger kids and older kids.

Ensure you have all the necessary craft supplies on hand, from cardstock paper to glue sticks, and let the creativity flow.

I hope this Thanksgiving is truly a special AND crafty one! 😉🦃

With Gratitude,


What’s your favorite Thanksgiving activity for babies? I’d love to know! Feel free to share in the comments below.

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