The 3 Miracles We Experienced With Mono Mono Twins

In this video, Dave and I share the three miracles we experienced on our journey with monochorionic monoamniotic twins delivery, from when I checked into high-risk at 24 weeks…to when our miracle twin girls arrived via emergency c-section at 27 weeks. We believe our story will surprise you! But before we dive into the video, let me first share this.

The day of my 18-week ultrasound is a day Dave and I will never forget.

After going through an early ultrasound during the first trimester, several dopplers to listen to the heartbeat, AND blood work, we determined we had ONE baby.

Crazy, right? But here is where it gets EVEN crazier…when I went in for a detailed fetal ultrasound during the second trimester because I was over 35 years old. That was the day our lives changed forever.

Not only did we discover at our 18-week ultrasound (ahem, I was halfway through my pregnancy at this point) that we were pregnant with TWINS (SURPRISE?!), but that was also the day we found out we were having mono mono twins!

What IS this type of twin? I’ve never heard “mono mono or momo,” nor did I know what this meant.

We were told by our doctor that day that 1% of all pregnancies end up as a “twin pregnancy” and 1% of all twin pregnancies end up as “mono mono twin pregnancy” (to give you an idea of how rare it is).

What Are Mono Mono Twins?

Monoamniotic-Monochorionic Twins (also known as MoMo or Mono Mono Twins) are twins who share one placenta in the same amniotic sac, each with their own umbilical cord (no membrane separates them). 

It’s like a free for all in your belly, but with a couple of potential mono mono twins complications; (1) cord entanglement (2) or TTTS (Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome), where one twin takes more nutrients from the other.

Luckily, our girls did not have TTTS, BUT they did have cord entanglement, which is how and why they were born so premature because a cord accident was caught while I was on the monitor in high risk.

That is one of the three miracles we talk about in the video. Before I give too much away, let’s dive into the video!

Video: Three Incredible Miracles That Happened On Our Mono Mono Twins Journey

To Wrap It Up

Dave and I made this video for twins parents who are expecting mono mono twins, are going through a high-risk pregnancy, or are experiencing an emotional journey with a baby (or babies) in the NICU.

We hope this video is inspiring. More importantly, it brings others hope!

What’s your experience with momo twins or a baby in the NICU? If you have anything to add or share about mono mono twins delivery and risks, let us know in the comments below because we’d LOVE to hear from you.

Until the next post, we are sending you all the positive parenting vibes!

With Gratitude,

Linds & Dave


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