My Twin Toolbox – 10 Things To Make Twin Life Easier

Here is “My Twin Toolbox” of items I needed for my twin girls or found SUPER helpful. These things make life EASIER. I hope at least one does the same for you!

Some are also recommended by a few of my twin mom friends. Please know I only suggest items I’ve personally used or love because I think you might like them too. 🙂

This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. With my affiliate relationships, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. My disclaimer is pretty boring, but you can find it here!

Fisher-Price Baby Bouncer

A baby bouncer is a must for twins, I repeat A MUST.

My one twin-mom friend recommended this to me before my girls were born. She told me how she used these to feed her kids at the same time when she was by herself. Also, she had a two-story home and said she had two bouncers downstairs and two upstairs so she didn’t have to worry about carrying the bouncers up and down the stairs all day. GENIUS, pure genius.

The Fisher-Price bouncer seat is one of the most budget-friendly baby bouncers on the market.

With this bouncer seat, you can do a couple of things to make your life easier…

First, you can set one of your twins down in it while you tend to the other. It’s a GREAT way to free up your hands for a minute.

Second, you can feed both of your twins at the same time.

I found this particular Fisher-Price seat to be the BEST option for our newborn girls and here’s why…

The seat reclined back enough to keep their heads in a stable position AND it did not engulf their little bodies. Our girls were around 10 pounds when we used this. 

Plus, I love the cute toy bar that connects at the front for visual tracking and stimulation.

In a nutshell, the baby bouncer is an important tool to have for your twins AND the price ain’t shabby either.

Safety Tip: Baby bouncers are most appropriate for ages 3 to 6 months as a newborn may be too small to sit in it safely. As soon as a baby is capable of sitting up on its own and holding its head up, it’s time to give up the baby bouncer.

Baby Jogger All-Terrain Double Stroller

A twin stroller is an essential piece of baby gear. Especially one that’s super easy to use AND that fits through standard doorways.

Some twin strollers are too big to fit through standard doors which limits the places you can go. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a twin stroller!

I gravitate towards an “all-terrain” jogger for a few reasons:

  • It fits into an active lifestyle (if you like to go out walking, jogging, or hiking)
  • It’s designed to handle different surfaces like gravel, snow, or grass
  • There’s plenty of storage space beneath it for your baby’s gear
  • Includes a sun and rain cover for inclement weather
  • Use it in various modes for an infant car seat, toddler seat, or even a glider board

This is all around a great investment for something you’ll use almost every day.

Muslin Burp Cloths

If you’re a new parent, one of the things you quickly learn is that babies spit up A LOT. It can happen after every feed or maybe just a few times a day. While this is perfectly normal, it can still get messy.

These lightweight and absorbent folded cloths are specifically designed to catch your baby’s spit-up.

They’re super soft (made of 100% organic cotton), to be gentle on the skin. Plus, you can stock up on a few dozen without breaking the bank. Trust me, you will go through a TON of burp cloths so be sure to stock up!

When it comes to keeping you and your babe clean and dry, muslin burp cloths are a must-have item in my book. I personally purchased 2 packets of these which seemed to be a good number to have on hand.

Sleeper Bassinet For Twins

I heard about this bassinet from my twin-mom friend who LOVED it. So we decided to get it and boy let me tell you, I’m glad we did!

I placed this bassinet in our family room and used it a couple of ways…

  • For our girls to take naps in so I could keep an eye on them while working on my computer.
  • Quick diaper changes.
  • A place to set them down to free up my hands.

Of course, you can use this by your bedside too! We did not because we got two snoos off Facebook Marketplace that we used as bassinets in our bedroom. There is a lot of hype around the magic of getting a snoo which I’ll cover in a minute.

Speaking of placing this twin crib by your bedside…

It’s portable and adjustable to fit next to your bed.

It allows your twins to sleep safely by each other (with the divider in between). Plus, it’s got mesh around it so you can keep an eye on them. The storage pockets are an added bonus to put diaper-changing items, pacifiers, or burp cloths in it too.

Snap n’ Go Stroller

I think almost every twin mom out there has one of these things or told me about needing one!

Easily snap your infant car seat into the stroller and off you go.

It’s a time saver to easily move your twins around.

This saved me so much time when I would pick up our oldest from school. I would snap Lua and Lily Mae’s car seats right into it without the added step of having to take them out of their car seat. It was very easy to use.

Snoo Smart Sleeper Bassinet

If you’re a new parent, you most likely have heard of the Snoo. If not, now you know! It’s one of the hottest items on the market for newborn babies to 6 months old.

This innovative bedside crib is designed to mimic the sensation of being snuggled in your arms.

It comes with a FREE app that lets you customize the rocking motions and noise levels to fit your baby’s needs. If you’re looking to help your baby sleep better through the night this bassinet may be your saving grace. At least it was for us! It definitely helped soothe our twins when they fussed and get into a deeper sleep too.

Plus, there is a weaning setting through the app when it’s time to transition your twins into a crib. Amazing, right?!

We found two Snoo sleepers on the Facebook marketplace for half the price of retail. They are hard to find but it can be done! Sometimes people like to buy used versus new which is why it’s worth mentioning. Either way, I believe this bassinet is worth the investment!

Table For Two

Ok, so this feeding system is AMAZING. I found out about it from another twin mom while my girls were in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit).

It’s designed solely for twins to make “bottle feeding time” that much easier.

When you’re alone and don’t have help, this handy dandy twin seat is an essential item. Plus, you can use it up through the toddler years for your twins to enjoy sitting in to eat snacks, watch a show, read a book, or just chill out.

Image By Table For Two

Twin Pack n’ Play

As any parent of twins knows, life can be pretty hectic. There never seem to be enough hands to go around. Am I right or am I right?

This versatile piece of equipment can be used as a crib, a playpen, or even a changing station.

It’s equipped with storage pockets, which are perfect for stashing diapers, wipes, and other items you need. In the long run, a twin pack n’ play can definitely save you money because of the various ways to use it.

Twin Umbrella Stroller

Umbrella strollers are super lightweight and so convenient to have on hand. It’s designed for on-the-go parents to make travel with their kiddos easier.

I loved using this for quick trips during the “toddler phase”.

Even though it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles like the “Jogger All Terrain Double Stroller” we just talked about, it gets the job done AND costs less.

Twin Z Pillow

The Twin Z Pillow reminds me of a boppy pillow but for twins. I learned about this pillow from my hubs who joined a twin’s Facebook group before our girls were born. So far it has been a godsend…we use it ALL the time.

I’m kind of obsessed with this pillow for a few reasons.

  • You can place your babe at the perfect angle for bottle-feeding your baby twins at the same time.
  • It’s a great pillow for twins to sit together and bond with each other.
  • You can use this pillow in more ways than one; bottle feeding, tummy time, breastfeeding, and upright support if your little one has reflux.
  • It’s super easy to move from room to room.

I found this pillow on Amazon. In my opinion, it’s worth every penny because of all the ways you can use it!

Safety tip: Never leave your baby alone or allow your baby to fall asleep on the support pillow. If they roll, move, or are placed in a position that obstructs their breathing, they could suffocate.

To Wrap It Up

All in all, I’ve found these items to be INCREDIBLY helpful, and they make my life as a twin mom much easier. I highly recommend you try some or at least one of these items mentioned because they are DEFINITELY worth it. 🙂

Whether you’re a twin parent or not, it’s important to ensure that your babies are taken care of properly and with the right gear. It might feel overwhelming to look for the right things for your twins at first, but hopefully, this list helped take a load off!

Until the next post, I’m sending you all the positive parenting vibes!

With Gratitude,


What’s in your twin toolbox? Let me know in the comments below. Your input means a lot and helps other fellow parents who read this post!


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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I only recommend deals or items I love because you might like them too! With my affiliate relationships, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much for supporting Mono Mono Twins!

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