2024 ‘Double Your Happy’ Monthly Planner (Digital Download) 💻


By the time you start using this monthly planner, you’ll feel like Courtney from the show, Friends. 😉

In 2024, one woman excitedly shares her double your happy monthly planner with another woman in a room.

Snatch your 2024 “Double Your Happy” Monthly Planner – the ultimate tool made just for YOU! This customizable planner is your secret weapon to take charge of your wellness journey and foster a positive mindset, perfectly crafted to suit the unique demands of mommyhood and life!

P.S. Have you seen the spiffy pics in the gallery? ⬅️ That’s just a sneak peek—there are even MORE goodies inside! So, why not give it a shot? What do you have to lose, other than your sanity? 🤪


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Oh, the crazy, wonderful life of motherhood…

I have the PERFECT (well almost perfect…) tool designed exclusively for YOU to take control of your motherhood journey and cultivate a positive mindset!

Psst, I’m an organizational nerd at heart who gets super excited about monthly planners. I’ve seen  A LOT of them to bring you the best planner that I personally use and can’t live without.

It’s a customizable happy planner tailored to help you stay organized, set meaningful goals, practice gratitude, plan nutritious meals, prioritize self-care AND fitness activities every week.


Because you deserve to not only prioritize your life to make things EASIER but to prioritize YOU too!

Just so you know, I’m constantly making improvements to this planner. Your awesome feedback plays a BIG role, and if I feel like it needs a little something extra based on my own experience using it, I’ll add that too! The goal? To keep it as the absolute BEST tool for you and me. 😉


Weekly Checklist To Do’s 📒

A crucial section for you to manage your weekly tasks and responsibilities, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks. This checklist helps you keep track of your to-do lists, appointments, and important activities.

Weekly Goals and Accomplishments Checklist

Setting achievable goals is essential for personal growth and well-being. With this section, you can outline your weekly goals, breaking them down into manageable steps to stay motivated and focused.

Gratitude Journal 🙏

Cultivating gratitude is a key element of a positive mindset. This journal provides space to jot down daily moments of gratitude and reflection, helping you shift your focus to the positive aspects of your life.

Weekly Meal Planner (Including Shopping List) 🍴

Meal planning is simplified with dedicated space for weekly meal plans and an integrated shopping list. You can efficiently plan nutritious meals for your family and create an organized shopping list to streamline grocery shopping.

Weekly Self-Care 🤗 + Fitness Tracker 👟

This all-in-one checklist is a game-changer. You can track your self-care activities, ensuring you prioritize moments of relaxation and self-indulgence. It also includes sections for monitoring water intake, workouts, healthy eating, and progress toward weekly goals.

BONUS Tools To Streamline Your Life🥳

Keep track of birthdays for cherished celebrations, manage family health with appointments and specialists, and have quick access to reliable service providers like handymen and plumbers. Jot down other crucial details and reminders, ensuring you stay on top of all aspects of your life effortlessly!


    • Organization: The weekly checklist for to-do’s and goals assists you in staying organized and managing your responsibilities effectively.
    • Goal Setting: The goals checklist encourages moms to set achievable objectives and provides a structured approach to reaching them.
    • Gratitude Practice: The gratitude journal promotes a positive mindset by encouraging you to reflect on what you’re thankful for, boosting overall happiness.
    • Meal Planning: The meal planner and shopping list save you time and reduce stress by simplifying meal preparation and grocery shopping.
    • Self-Care + Wellness Focus: The self-care and fitness tracker empowers you to prioritize your well-being, ensuring you make time for self-care activities, fitness, and hydration.

Get excited to use this printable planner as a versatile tool to address various aspects of your life to help you stay organized, healthy, and positive! 👏👏


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