The Ultimate Baby Registry For Twins Checklist

If you’re expecting twins, this list is for you! First, a BIG congrats! Second, you’re probably wondering what you need for twins. Becoming a parent of two little ones can be nervewracking and super exciting, but knowing you have to find DOUBLE the items can be a shock to the system (at least it was for us). That’s why I’ve put together this Ultimate Baby Registry For Twins Checklist.

This list has EVERYTHING you need to get started. I’ve included ALL the essentials, as well as some items to make your life a little easier! As a mom of twin girls, I know what works and what doesn’t. This list is based on my personal experience, so you can trust that everything here is tried and true. :-)

Let’s get to it!

baby registry twins checklist

Baby Registry for Twins Checklist

Baby Aquaphor

When my twin girls were in the NICU, this was the go-diaper ointment. It works not only against diaper rash but also helps to soothe any existing skin irritations, like dry skin. It has natural ingredients that provide a potent but gentle barrier of protection while also nourishing and moisturizing your baby’s delicate skin. We use this ointment EVERY single day. I found this container to be the best bang for your buck!


Baby Bathtub (0 to 6+ Months)

One of my twin mom friends told me to get a bathtub with a sling in it because it’s so much easier to bathe your newborn. I bathe both of my girls (individually) in this tub and the sling makes it super comfy for them to lie down and prevents them from slipping around. You can also take the sling out when your baby is ready to sit up. It’s a 3-stage tub for a baby up to 25 pounds or around 6 to 8 months old.


Baby Bottle Organizer

With twins, you quickly learn your kitchen turns into a rotating bottle factory! I had bottle pieces drying EVERYWHERE on my kitchen counter. It was messy. I needed to free up counter space, so I purchased this baby bottle organizer. It’s SO easy to clean and keeps all our bottles organized in one spot. Thank you to whoever designed this amazing invention!

Check out this video on how to maximize the use of this organizer.


Baby Bouncer

If you have twins, a baby bouncer is a MUST. It really comes in handy when you’re by yourself solo! You can put one twin in the bouncer while you tend to the other. You can also use it to feed both twins at the same time AND it’s budget-friendly.


Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras

I purchased this baby monitor before our girls came home from the NICU. It has a double screen to keep an eye on both of your sweet peas so you won’t have to worry about switching back and forth between screens. Moreover, it has thermal imaging capabilities to tell you the temperature of the room AND a magnetic mount to hold the camera into place (which makes it super simple to mount and position the camera from optimal viewing angles). Best of all it connects to your phone through an app! There are other GREAT features too like a 2-way intercom to soothe your baby with your voice and an assortment of calming lullabies.


Baby Nail File

The mom’s guilt is real when your little one’s hand gets cut by clippers! I know this because it happened to my oldest son when he was a baby and I felt AWFUL. I found that using a nail file, NOT clippers keep my baby’s hands safe. Clippers can cut the skin. I use this rechargeable nail file because it is designed for infants and I LOVE it. Plus, there are other nail files included to grow with your baby through the years into adulthood. By the way, you can use it too!


Baby Rattle

An essential baby toy to get is a baby rattle. Our twin’s Physical Therapist informed us this is a GREAT developmental tool for auditory and eye-tracking skills. This is the exact rattle we use. Plus, it’s a fun way for your little one to explore and interact with sound and tactile experiences. These early skills are important building blocks for future motor development.


Baby Towels (Burt’s Bees)

These hooded baby towels are my absolute fav because they are made out of 100% organic cotton. Which makes them incredibly soft. These towels are designed with your baby’s delicate skin in mind, both extra gentle and ultra-absorbent. These towels come in lots of adorable designs and colors too!


Baby Wipes (Kirkland Brand from Costco)

These are the go-to baby wipes we use in our household. You get a TON of wipes for such a great price. More importantly, these wipes are gentle on a baby’s skin. It’s mostly made up of natural ingredients without bad stuff like chlorine, dyes, alcohol, parabens, and phthalates. We rotate between using these wipes and Huggies baby wipes which I’ll get into next.


Baby Wipes (Huggies)

We were introduced to these Huggies baby wipes when our girls were in the NICU. These were the only wipes used because they are made for sensitive skin. Plus, the wipes are plant-based and made with 99% purified water to help keep a baby’s skin healthy and moisturized.

Bottle Warmer

For twins, you need a bottle warmer that fits TWO bottles. Trust me, it makes life easier being able to heat two bottles at the same time…especially when you have two hungry babies! I gravitated towards this warmer for a couple of reasons: (1) it only takes a few minutes to heat up a cold bottle (2) there’s a fast sterilize button to clean it quickly (3) when your twins transition to baby food, it heats that up too! Plus, I like things simple and this bottle warmer is easy to use.


Changing Pad Fitted Sheet

I got four of these fitted sheets for our changing table. I then put the waterproof liner (which I talk about next) on TOP of the fitted sheet to protect it from major blowouts. As mentioned, Burt’s Bees is one of my fav brands because it’s made of 100% organic cotton making the material soft and breathable for a baby’s sensitive skin. There are SO many adorable designs and colors to match the aesthetics of your nursery!


Changing Pad Waterproof Liner

If you have a changing table, these waterproof liners are a MUST in my book. I bought two of these packs (since 3 come in one pack) to give me a total of 6 changing pads. With twins, it’s double the duty! These pads have already combated BIG blowouts and pee accidents. The liner protects the actual changing pad or any fitted sheet or blanket you have on top of the changing pad. I’ve also taken these on the go for diaper changes in doctor’s offices, restaurants, etc.


Clothes Hamper

You’ll need a place to store and organize the never-ending pile of laundry. What I love about this clothes hamper is it’s a laundry basket too! More importantly, I fell in love with all the cute designs to choose from. Not to mention the amazingly low price (less than $15 bucks)!


Crib Sheets (Burt’s Bees Baby)

As babies are more prone to irritations and allergic skin reactions, I gravitated toward an organic crib sheet and found the Burt’s Bees Baby brand. This is a GREAT option because it’s made with 100% organic materials so it is gentle on your baby’s skin while also being soft and breathable to provide the best sleep possible for your little one. Plus, the designs are super cute too!


Diapers (Kirkland Brand from Costco)

Costco Kirkland brand diapers are one of my favs! We tried a ton of diaper brands from gifts we received from friends and family and by far, these Kirkland diapers are top of my list. The quality is AMAZING and the price ain’t shabby either. These diapers remind me of Huggies because of their quality, thickness, and wetness indicator. We rotate between Kirkland and Huggies diapers (which I also love) which I’ll get into next.


Diapers (Huggies)

Not only were these the go-to diapers used while our girls were in the NICU but I’m a huge fan of Huggies for these reasons; (1) the waistband is super stretchy and soft to fit comfortably around your baby’s body to keep those blowouts contained (without irritating the skin) (2) the diaper is nice and thick with a unique absorbent technology that locks in wetness and pulls moisture away from the skin to help prevent diaper rash (3) there is a wetness indicator with a blue line when it’s time for a diaper change! Of all the diapers we tried with a “wetness indicator”, the blue line didn’t show up as well as it did with Huggies.


Diaper Genie Pail

Bring on the never-ending diapers! With two, it’s DOUBLE the duty. This is an essential item because it helps contain odors and makes diaper disposal quick and easy. It’s also more convenient than having to take out the diaper trash. I use this one and love it. Don’t forget to get the extra diaper refill bags too!


Double Snap n’ Go Stroller

Most of the twin parents I know either have one of these things or told me I needed one! Just snap your infant car seats into the stroller and off you go. It’s very easy to use AND saves a lot of time because you don’t have to take your kiddos in and out of their car seat.


Double Stroller (All-Terrain Jogger)

A twin stroller is an essential piece of baby gear! I got this one because it’s super easy to use, it can handle a variety of surfaces (gravel, snow, grass), it’s GREAT for exercising (walking, jogging, or hiking), AND it fits through standard doorways. Some twin strollers are too big to fit through standard doors which limits the places you can go. This is something to keep in mind when choosing a twin stroller! Plus, you can use it in various modes for an infant car seat or toddler seat.

Dr. Browns Bottles

Dr. Brown’s bottles were the go-to bottles while our girls were in the NICU and now we use them at home. The reason these bottles work so well is it has a special vent that’s designed to mimic breastfeeding. So when your little one sucks out the milk, this vent helps to prevent colic, gas, and spit-ups. Plus, you can buy different nipple flows based on the age and stage of your baby’s feeding. I highly recommend these bottles because they work so well for our girls!


Dr. Brown’s Dishwasher Basket

As I mentioned, your kitchen turns into a rotating bottle factory with twins! Bottle pieces took OVER our dishwasher and I needed to free up some space so I purchased two of these things. This dishwasher basket is strictly made for Dr. Brown’s Bottles. It has been a huge space spacer! If you aren’t using a dishwasher and need something to free up your counter space, I recommend the baby bottle organizer mentioned earlier. That’s the one we use right now and I seriously love it!

Check out this video on how to use this dishwasher basket.


Dr. Brown’s Baby Formula Mixing Pitcher

When you’re making bottles with formula, this pitcher is a MUST-have in my book. Especially for twins. I recommend getting at least two of these pitchers because you’ll be making A LOT of formula. Right now, I’m doing it twice a day for my 5-month-old girls. This pitcher makes it so much easier to mix everything together. It has a spill-free locking lid and no-drip spout which works really well AND it’s dishwasher safe.

Montessori Activity Playmat

I’m a BIG fan of Montessori toys because they foster independence and self-directed learning by inspiring a baby to explore their surroundings. This particular play mat is large enough for TWO babies which is another reason I purchased it. More importantly, it grows with your baby into their toddler years. It comes with a guide to help you know what activities are appropriate for your baby’s age and stage of development. There are fun things like an organic ball and teether, focusing cards for eye-tracking, making sounds, and exploring colors. Overall, this play mat is a GREAT interactive activity!

Muslim Burp Cloths

If you are a new parent or it’s been a while since you’ve had a little one, you quickly learn that babies spit up A LOT. This is normal, but it can still get messy. Muslin burp cloths are a must-have item to keep you and your baby clean and dry. They are made of 100% organic cotton, which is gentle on the skin. I recommend purchasing 2 packets so you have enough on hand. With twins, you’ll be going through burp cloths around the clock!


Muslim Swaddle Blankets

My girls lived in these blankets during bedtime and naptime! Not only are Muslim swaddle blankets incredibly soft and comfy, but they are designed to be breathable and lightweight so your babe can feel snug without getting too hot. That’s why I love these blankets so much.

Rocking Chair

We got two of these chairs to put in our girl’s nursery. For one, the chair is super cute and for two, the price isn’t shabby either. The reviews and ratings were really good too. My hubs and I LIVE in these chairs during feeding time. The chair is super comfy to sit in and provides a gentle rocking motion to soothe and comfort. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to fit in with the aesthetics of most nurseries.


Silicone Teething Toy

Around 4 to 6 months you may notice your little one starts to drool more than normal. They most likely are teething! My girls LOVED munching on this Rasberry teether. It’s textured to soothe aching gums AND it’s great for grasping too. But one of the most important features of this teether is it’s soft and durable and has a nonporous surface making it so easy to clean to prevent unwanted germs!


Sleeper Bassinet For Twins

I heard about this bassinet from my twin mom friend. It’s been an AWESOME investment because of all the ways we use it! (1) In our family room for naps and quick diaper changes (2) A place to set my girls down to free up my hands (3) OR next to our bedside. It’s portable and adjustable so it’s super easy to move around. There are handy storage pockets in the front too for holding diaper-changing items, pacifiers, or burp cloths.

Twin Z Pillow

We use the Twin Z Pillow ALL the time. It’s super versatile and helpful for several reasons; (1) you can position your babies at the perfect angle for bottle-feeding, (2) it’s great for tummy time, (3) breastfeeding, (4) and upright support if your baby has reflux. You can also use it for your twins to bond with one another. Plus, it’s SO easy to move from room to room. This one is definitely worth the investment because of all the ways you can use it!


Two-Way Zipper Sleepers

Two-way zipper sleepers are a MUST-have in my book! The two-way zip makes diaper changes so much EASIER. It allows you to quickly change your baby’s clothes without having to remove the whole sleeping garment – perfect for nighttime diaper changes or during naps. Plus, if your little one is hooked up to any monitoring cords or in-home oxygen, with a 2-way zip, there is one at the foot area, so you can easily string cords out through there.

Other Essential Items To Consider…

Here are some more things to consider registering for that I didn’t mention above. I’ve hand-picked these items based on my own personal experience or they are items I personally love because of the amazing reviews and ratings!

Baby Care and Safety

Bath Time

Feeding Your Sweetie(s)

Gear It Up

Nursery Sanctuary

  • Crib that includes a changing table (the ultimate space saver! This is the one we have AND the mattress is included)
  • Crib mattress (if it doesn’t come with one)
  • Leak-proof mattress pad

Create An Amazon Baby Registry

With all the online shopping people do nowadays, Amazon has EVERYTHING you need and most people shop on Amazon! Not to mention, ALL the items mentioned on this list are on Amazon too. So yes, I’m a huge online shopper to save time and gas money. Plus, they offer you a 15% discount on your baby registry AND you have up to 1 year to return any gifts purchased. Woo hoo!


To Wrap It Up

Phew! Well, there you have it, the Ultimate Baby Registry For Twins Checklist. With this checklist, you can be sure that you’re well-equipped for parenting two.

Even if your kiddos give you a few extra gray hairs, remember the time with them goes by SO darn fast. Enjoy each moment and all the fun (not to mention the crazy busy evenings) that come with raising your beautiful sweethearts. It truly is a special experience, one that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Until the next post, I’m wishing you lots of luck and fond memories on your amazing journey with twins!

With Gratitude,


What other items would you add to this registry for twins checklist? I’m curious! Let me know in the comments below. Your input means a lot and helps others who read this post!


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Linds is the proud mom of two little miracles, Mono Mono twin girls, and one AMAZING older brother! She is the founder and content creator of Mono Mono Twins, Intensive Therapy for Kids, and Co-Founder of The LENN Foundation, a 510c3 that helps children across the United States with cerebral palsy receive grants for intensive therapies to thrive.


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Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links for your convenience. I only recommend deals or items I love because you might like them too! With my affiliate relationships, I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks so much for supporting Mono Mono Twins!

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