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Hey there, busy mama—you juggler of all trades; toddler sass, baby life sleep deprivation, AND master of chaos! If any of these situations ring true then KEEP reading. I’m going to guess that ‘YOU time’ in the whirlwind of life feels like ‘Mission impossible’. Sound about right? I’m here to tell you I’ve been there AND I’ve got the antidote to the madness. It IS possible to snatch back those sanity saving moments. Ahh, alas…🤪

How? EASY. One day at a time through a simple (FREE) challenge that will get you results in making time for YOU. It’s helped me stay sane and learn how to make time for myself juggling mom life with my baby twins and son. So here it is, the 30-Day Self-Love Happiness Challenge! Because in just 30 days, we’re transforming chaos into DAILY good vibes—one simple, uplifting challenge at a time, all designed to put the focus back on the real champ—YOU! 🎉🤩🎉

So Why 30-Days?

That’s a GREAT question and I’m so glad you asked…😃

It takes 30 days to develop a habit.

When we consistently prioritize focusing on YOU each day, it becomes a habit that sticks. Taking even just a few minutes for yourself daily can do wonders for refreshing your mental state!

Especially, when you’re wearing so many hats as a mom. And let me guess, you are probably wearing a TON of hats! Right?

Either he's crying or I am, but we both strive to find self love and happiness.

What Can You Expect?

Each day, for 30 days, you are given an EASY uplifting challenge to focus on your self-care and happiness. You’ll get it sent to you in a one-time PDF download that you can access anywhere, anytime.

Because let’s face we are ALL busy and to tackle this feel-good challenge, you can do it whenever it fits into your schedule that day.

To give you a sneak peak of the challenges you’ll get (which are some of my personal favs)…

  • Gratitude Journaling 📔
  • Treat Yourself Tuesday 🍦
  • Phone-Free Dinner 🍽️
  • DIY Spa Night 🛁
  • Positive Podcast Break 🎧

Don’t worry you’ll get personal daily tips too on how to tackle each challenge. 😉

Why I Created This Uplifting Challenge…

Personally, I navigate the chaos as a mom to three kiddos—my high-energy 9-year-old son and lively 1-year-old twins. In the whirlwind of mommyhood, I noticed myself getting more irritable and mentally drained. The reason? I wasn’t taking time to recharge my OWN batteries. As any seasoned mom knows, when you take care of yourself, that positive energy ripples through to your kiddos, your family, and beyond.

Do you find that to be true too?

It’s a game-changer, and that’s exactly why I developed the 30-day self-love happiness challenge. This challenge worked wonders in my life, and I’m hoping it does the same for you!

I know there are countless other mamas out there neglecting themselves, just like I was. So, if you’re one of them, don’t hesitate—dive into this challenge ASAP and say yes to YOU! What have you got to lose, besides maybe a bit of your mental sanity? 🤪 Well, you’ve probably been there, done that, right? Lol.

Join Now For FREE🎉

Trust me, you’ll be SO glad you did. 😊

30-Day Self-Love +
Happiness Challenge

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